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Patient MonitoringPatient TrainingPatient Support
  • Doctors can establish ongoing relationships with their patients and increase focus on the crucial points of therapy letting aside trivialities. PCC HELLAS provides solutions overcoming the barrier of limited time and contact with the patients.

    Through patient monitoring tools and services, doctors are able to enter, follow, retrieve and analyze relevant information from the beginning to the end of the patient care process.

    Moreover, PCC HELLAS offers tools that help doctors keep track of patient appointments. 

    The qualitative and quantitative analysis of patient data is made easy, as well as the adaptation of therapy parameters and clinical requirements.

  • Is there enough time and resources in training your patient in taking his or her medication correctly?

    PCC HELLAS healthcare professional team facilitates the patient or caregiver's acquisition of knowledge and skills related to his or her medical condition and participation in its management and makes sure they follow their doctor's advice.

    Patient and caregiver education provides the patient and the family with confidence, independence and self-sufficiency. Moreover, training patients and caregivers ensures correct and safe use of the product, reducing adverse events and side effects.

  • While we are trying to cope with a physical illness, we often forget how important the patient's psychological state is, in dealing with the whole process.

    Even the caregivers need in turn care and support to cope with the medical condition of their loved ones.

    Support is not a luxury, it's a need.  PCC HELLAS dedicated team of clinical psychologists and nurses have the expertise and the experience to provide the support essential to patients and their caregivers.