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Our Solutions

There are increasing needs in services related to Patient Compliance worldwide. We bring together support schemes and research in improving quality of life, to create an environment where all interested parties can cover their needs and complement each other.

Human contact and technology is crucial to make it happen - we build a future in intelligent informational systems.

PCC HELLAS works hard to offer reliable solutions that assist patients, provide data and information to the doctor and take decision making process one step further.

Health Intelligence

Perceiving patients profoundly is the first step to identify a target market and provide defined services. Patients' expectations of treatment have been changed: higher education, access to vast information, modern perspective on health is only a few of the factors affecting an individual's choices.

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For Healthcare Professionals

Doctors can establish ongoing relationships with their patients and increase focus on the crucial points of therapy letting aside trivialities. PCC HELLAS provides solutions overcoming the barrier of limited time and contact with the patients.

Through patient monitoring tools and services, doctors are able to enter, follow, retrieve and analyze relevant information from the beginning to the end of the patient care process.

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