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Quality Of Life

Each individual has a different definition of quality of life. We all share different values, desires and dreams and we all want to take pleasure in every day that goes by.

One thing is certain; we have to feel "well" in order to accomplish all these goals.

Feeling well consists of physical and mental harmony.

Maybe it seems hard, being a patient and at the same time having quality of life, but it is not impossible. In a great extend, it is up us to make it happen through changes and choices.

In PCC HELLAS we have the knowledge and the solutions to make life better.

So, do keep making plans for the future and enjoy life - we will be there for you.

Μe as a patient

Being diagnosed with a chronic illness can always cause an unpleasant surprise. Depending on the seriousness of the condition,  our everyday life is upset in different ways. Suddenly there are burning questions. Why me?

How am I going to break this to my family?

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Quality of life and compliance

Getting the right diagnosis and the right treatment plan is the foundation of dealing successfully with a disease and enhancing quality of life.

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Behavioral change

Change is a process that happens gradually in time. An individual goes through several stages and often leaps from stage to stage until he manages to adopt and retain a behavioral change. Being able to identify the patient's stage of readiness and risk level, is crucial in order to propose a stage-specific intervention.

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Question1: Do you know the names of all the drugs you have to take?
Question 2: Do you know the reason you have to take each of the drugs prescribed?
Question 3: Are you familiar with the way you have to take your medication?
Question 4: Do you believe you need all the drugs prescribed to you?
Question 5: Have you ever been careless with the time you have to take your medication?
Question 6: Do you ever forget to take your prescribed medication?
Question 7: Do you sometimes stop taking your drugs when you start feeling better?
Question 8: Do you sometimes stop taking your drugs if they make you feel worse?
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