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PCC HELLAS innovates.  We constantly invest in research and development of new products and services. We never seize to use cutting-edge technology to satisfy the increasing needs of patients and healthcare professionals, while being consistent and reliable.


Sometimes you forget to take your medicine. Sometimes you avoid exercising your body. And sometimes you forget to go to the diagnosis center for your examinations. Surprisingly, your doctor calls you on video and tells you what to do with your missed dose. Or a message appears on your tablet pc reminding you to go to the diagnosis center or use your blood-pressure monitor.

Your doctor changed your medication dose the last time you've meat. Without touching anything, you found your medication reminder updated with the new dosage.

These are some features supported by our brand new product… MDStation™!


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Have you ever wondered whether your patients take their medicine according to your instructions? Do you have enough time and resources to train them in taking their medication correctly? 

iPAΧ© will assist you in communicating and guiding your patients in order to fully cope with their health condition.

iPAΧ©is an internet-based platform which allows the doctor to keep track and oversee his patients' compliance. It's an easy to use tool that can facilitate connecting directly to PCC HELLAS management system.

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