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Telehealth: The future of compliance for in-home care?

(June 26, 2012)

Healthcare Technology  

We look at one innovative solution that is helping to reduce readmissions to hospital by increasing patient compliance

11 Jun 2012, Abbie Smith.

It is no secret that lack of patient compliance within the community is a major contributor to costly hospital admissions and readmissions. In the UK alone, readmission to hospital within 30 days costs the NHS around £1.6 billion a year and in the US, it accounts for $17.4 billion of the $102.6 billion Medicare budget. British Health Secretary Andrew Lansley's 'Payment by Results' framework will mean hospitals will not receive any additional payment if a patient is readmitted within 30 days of being discharged from hospital, making medication compliance a high priority across the board.

This article presents an innovative solution that helps reduce hospital admissions by increasing patient compliance.

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