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Patient Satisfaction Survey

(February 2, 2012)

The survey was conducted between November-December 2011 in a sample of patients suffering from autoimmune disease.

The scope of the survey was to assess the degree of satisfaction by PCC HELLAS service recipients and to determine the level of successful training in self-administering their medication.

The results presented that after receiving training by the PCC HELLAS nurse team, 73% of patients felt confident and secure to self-administer their medication. In 20% of the sample, a caregiver was trained in drug administration by the PCC HELLAS nurse team.


86% of the patients stated that they have been very satisfied by the calls made by the PCC HELLAS call center agents, while there were no negative comments. The majority of the patients think highly of the concern shown by the PCC HELLAS staff and regard that regular communication is a great factor to make them feel better. 


95% of the patients stated that they have been very satisfied by the visits conducted by the PCC HELLAS nurse team. Most patients consider the training thorough enough and that the nurses dedicated all the time needed for the training. The patients especially mentioned the politeness, the consistency and the patience of the nurses.


Patients taking part in the survey stated unanimously in 100% percentage that they would recommend PCC HELLAS services in a person under the same treatment regime - 12% of the patients have already done so.