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“Intelligent” patient care

 (May 9, 2013)



Innovative project "Electronic Care and Treatment Compliance System".

PCC Hellas Ltd, represented by Mr George Mazarakis

Newspaper Article by Athos Dimoulas
"K" Kathimerini 05/05/2013



 "What matters most is changing the patient'smindset and behavior," said Managing Director of PCC Hellas, George Mazarakis. And this has been the company's direction since its beginnings in 2006 - to ensure patients' adherence to treatment, facilitate the medication administering process, improve cooperation between patients and doctors, and ultimately enhance patients' quality of life."In Greece, patients aren't getting any support, and we became aware that in our country there wasn't anything like the device we've created" Mr Mazarakis said.

So the company created MDStation; a tablet PC boasting a simple, user-friendly interface that tells patients when it is time to take their medicine, answers questions on treatment and allows them to express any trouble or concerns they might have via questionnaires. MDStation is an interactive patient care system that automatically transmits all pertinent electronic data to the company's central information management system and, most importantly, to the attending physician's computer as well. This allows doctors to have a complete picture of their patients' course."The tablet PC is ready and we'rewaiting for buyers or funding.We've alsoturned our attention abroad, where we've been seeing great interest, since there is nothing quite like MDStation," Mr. Mazarakis explained.


The process is free for both patients and doctors. PCC Hellas' profits come from pharmaceutical industry sponsorships. As expected, PCC Hellas does not play any part in the medication selection, this being decided exclusively by the treating physician. "Pharmaceutical companies want patients to follow their treatment so they can show their products are being effective. They benefit from this process, because if a patient reports a drug as ineffective, then the medication will be changed".

Info: http://trans.kathimerini.gr/4dcgi/_w_articles_qsite2_1_02/05/2013_497094
(Written by Athos Dimoulas. Photos by V. Zavos)