PCC Hellas



Adherence to the prescribed medication schedule is extremely important in helping the patient achieve a positive treatment outcome. Our TaylorMade programs helps patients be in control of their treatment, by instilling a sense of accountability and by providing guidance to enhance the overall experience. We believe that patient empowerment through holistic disease management and patient-centric services is the future of adherence programs.

  • We invest time to understand the patient journey, to gain a comprehensive view of patients experiencing a specific disease from a current and a historic perspective.
  • Our TaylorMade programs helps patients comply with their prescribed treatment by offering:
    a) Dedicated Care Coordinators to facilitate prescription and reimbursement paperwork completion for medication
    b) Calls, emails and SMS to remind patients of:
  • Nurse visits
  • Time for next dose

Call Center Support

A patient’s first impression of a provider often comes from a phone call. And every phone call is important for us.

Nursing Support

Ranging from patient training toa drug administration and assement visits, enduring 99% geographical coverage.

Care Plan Management

By understanding the interactions with the braoder healthcare system,seamless interventions can be identified.

Caregiver Support

Assistance and relief for caregivers in their emotionally and physically demanding role.

Patient Training and Education

Reacing empowerment though recourses and support services tailored to the needs of patients and their families.

Real Word Evidence

Data drivers decision-making; we measure what matters and capture patients’ voices.