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  • Providing patient compliance services is the main field of activity and development for PCC HELLAS. This is why we invest in human resources and keeping up with the latest trends in medicine, pharmacology and patient care.

    PCC HELLAS was founded in 2006 with the ultimate goal to provide dependable services to healthcare professionals assuring PATIENT COMPLIANCE to their treatment.

    Through our services we assure patients get any kind of support and assistance in order to follow their doctor's guidelines during the course of treatment. Our team of registered nurses has the expertise and training to make this happen.

    Thus we can provide safe, continuous and high quality compliance services guaranteeing the best result possible to the patients.

    So far thousands of patients and hundreds of doctors in every part of Greece have received our services.

  • PCC HELLAS consists of a team of expert professionals (doctors, psychologists, nurses, market analysts etc) with the required experience and training in the field of Patient Compliance.

    Our call center is run by psychologists, nurses and health visitors, dedicated to providing services responsibly with the appropriate understanding and consideration to the patient.

    Our homecare network consists of registered nurses with experience and training in their field.

    Selecting and training our staff is of outmost importance for us and all our employees and associates comply with a strict code of conduct.


    Our call center responds to every patient in any part of Greece.

    PCC HELLAS can promptly facilitate nurse visits for training and supporting patients providing 95% national coverage. 

    We are unique

    • We invest in human resources and keeping up with the latest trends in medicine, pharmacology and patient care
    • We use cutting-edge technology to satisfy the increasing needs of patients, while being consistent and reliable
    • By engaging patients, we encourage them to get actively involved in their own cure, instead of being passive observers
    • We dare to innovate. Since 2006 PCC HELLAS has invested greatly in research and development of innovating services. Our goal is to create an integrated platform that brings together all compliance data and keeps all interested parties up to date in real time !
  • PCC HELLAS uses cutting edge technology in developing and managing information systems, always having operational integrity and safety in mind. Through these information systems we can provide high quality online and offline services to all parties involved.

    Our call center system provides the option not only to connect to an agent (natural person), but also to create automated responses and auto-reply, redirecting calls, recorded messages etc. These parameters are tailored to fit the requirements of each Patient Compliance Programme.

    The use of an automated system of visit reporting ensures the quality and reliability of provided services. Our nurse network is kept up to date on the latest modifications and requirements of each patient case in order to ensure personalized care to the patients.

  • Quality assurance and data safety

    PCC HELLAS has received authorization from the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (HDPA) in order to ensure all service recipients' data. The authorization involves the retention of a sensitive data database. According to the authorization, data are kept in terms of providing compliance services. Services provided consist of a) homecare nurse support b) communication with the patient for reminding him to take his medication, to arrange check up according to doctor's guidelines and to keep his appointments with his doctor. 

    PCC HELLAS has been awarded a Management System certificate in line with ISO 9001:2015 QUALITY STANDARDS for the provision of Patient Compliance Services.

    The Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2015 is set by the International Organization of Standardization. The ISO 9001:2015 quality standards give organizations an opportunity to increase value to their activities and to improve their performance continually. The standards place great emphasis on making quality management systems closer to the processes of organizations and on improving continually. As a result, they direct users to the achievement of business results, including the satisfaction of customers and other interested parties.